Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Man's Food Pyramid

The Man has been getting questions on a healthy diet. In particular, people want to know what The Man eats to stay so fit. Here's yesterday's menu:

Breakfast: The Man starts most days with a large glass of water (see: Hangovers post), sometimes several. Like most men, I drink my coffee black, and today The Man had 2 mugs o' joe. Finally, a hearty bowl of oatmeal to cleanse the colon.

Lunch: The Man has a weakness for Chinese food. Today's order -- General Tsao's chicken w/ rice, which helps focus the mind (or cause a MSG headache, whichever comes first).

Dinner: After a long day it's rewarding to hit the grill and show off The Man's natural ability taming the flames. Tonight The Man had 3 brats to fulfill The Man's daily meat intake.

Evening: Of course no day is complete without your RDA of alcohol. Watching the NBA Finals, The Man drank 4 Red Stripe and 2 Miller Lite beers... and saw his pick (Pistons and the points) hold true.

To summarize, it's 12 parts carbohydrates, 0 vegetables, 0 fruits, 3 parts meat/poultry.

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