Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Man is glad Summer is officially over

With nighttime temperatures dropping into the low 50s, The Man is marking the end of Summer tonight with his last Oberon from the fridge. Sure, it was nice to sit in an air conditioned house for three months, occassionally stepping out to get a farmer's tan while cutting the grass and barbequeing, but in The Man's opinion it's about time Summer is over. Here are The Man's Top 3 reasons he's glad to see Fall ushered in. Why only 3? Because The Man is lazy! Besides -- I just gave you 4 winning picks this weekend, damnit!!

3. The Man likes his seasons the way he likes his dinner plate to look -- full of yellow, orange and brown. Notice -- NO GREEN.

2. No more sweating while walking from the car to the liquor store. Sure, it's only 15 feet, but 95 degree and humid sucks even if you have to travel an inch.

1. Football season is upon us! Time for The Man to crush all those who oppose him in his Fantasy League (where The Man's team is currently 3-0) and watch football on the tube non-stop... Thursday night games, Friday night games, Saturday, Sunday (all day), Monday... a gluttony of pigskin action = The Man's in heaven.

The Man's NCAA Football picks

Well, The Man isn't the type that likes to gloat, but if you took last week's college football picks you went 3-0-1 last week. Not bad for a beer lovin' guy that wears sweats and a mustard-stained undershirt!

Here are The Man's college football picks for the week with one NFL game in there:

California -9 at Oregon State: After a week 1 embarassment at Tennessee, the Golden Bears are back on track racking up double digits victories over Minnesota and Arizona State. Look for Cal to conitnue its winning ways, The Man is buying 2 1/2 to get it under a touchdown at Cal -6 1/2.

Boise State +4 at Utah: Sure, the Utes have been airing it out to the tune of 220 yards per game, but the running game of Boise State will take over in the end and wear down the Utah defense. Look for Boise to cover and an outright win.

Wisconsin -10.5 at Indiana: Wisconsin got pounded at Michigan last weekend, but look for the Badgers to get their former #1 NCAA rusher PJ Hill Jr going again... and there's not a thing Indiana can do about it. Buy a point to bring it under 10 to Wisconsin -9.

Here's The Man's NFL pick of the week...

Seattle at Chicago: Shaun Alexander says he'll play with a cracked bone in his foot. Don't count on it. The Bears lost to Carolina in the playoffs last year and know that in order to be the NFC King this year that they'll need to take out last year's champ. The line has moved a lot from Chicago +1 to -3 1/2, but you can still make a few bucks - take Da Bears and buy a point to get it to -2 1/2. Daaaaaaaaaaaa BEARS!

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Man's college football picks

The lines for this week's NCAA games are out, and The Man is looking to stay perfect on the college season with these picks:

Louisville -9 at Kansas State. They trounced Miami's defense for 31 points... You think K State will fare any better? Lay the 9 points and collect your $$ on Saturday afternoon.

Utah State at BYU -30.5. Utah State is pathetic. BYU lost in 2 OTs to Boston College and can score. To borrom a line from The 40 Year Old Virgin, "You know how I know you suck? Because your only touchdown this season came against a D-IAA school". The Man is buying 3 to bring it down to BYU -27.5.

Central Michigan -3.5 at Eastern Michigan. The Chips hung tough with the BC Eagles in Week 1, while the Eagles struggled to lose to Northwestern. CMU should win by at least a TD, the Man is buying 1 point to get rid of the hook and get it under a field goal at CMU -2.5.

USC -17 at Arizona. Arizona has a great defense, however they can't score. USC can score and made the Nebraska defense look silly. Look for the Trojans to put up big numbers at AU, especially in the second half.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Heart attack waiting to happen

Yes, I am talking about the Kansas-Toledo game going on right now on ESPN2. But no, I'm not talking about the game itself. The Man is referring to the big men on the sidelines. Toledo's coach, Tom Amstutz and Kansas's coach, Mark Mangino have to weigh in over 6 bills combined. They'd give former WWF tag team the Natural Disasters a run for their money, that's for sure.

Toledo coach Tom Amstutz and Kansas coach Mark Magino


Natural Disasters, Earthquake and Typhoon

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The Man's NFL Picks

Two games that are sure to hit this weekend are the Eagles at -3 and the Cowboys at -6.5 Why? The Man explains.

The Eagles signing of Dante Stallworth was huge. Look for McNabb to burn the G-Men's secondary deep with the combination of Stallworth and Westbrook - The Man like's that guy's chances in the flat against smaller DBs. Philly looks like a team that has it all together, however expect Eli to keep it close - until he throws a big turnover. Buy a point to bring it to Eagles -2.

Clinton Portis is out for the 'Skins. Parcells lost twice to Washington last year. Washington's Brunell looks like garbage. Sure, Drew Bledsoe did too, but at least he has a home game and Julius Jones powering the ball out of the backfield. Game over. Lay the 6.5 points, with all of the Skinds offensive woes and grinding Dallas O, the Skins defense will be on the field too long to keep it close. This could get ugly.

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The Man welcomes in College Football

The Man has been kicking it all Summer, waiting for the return of his favorite sport -- football (Sorry, NFL Europe, but that crap ain't cuttin' it with The Man). The Man has fallen off the wagon again but has gone 4-0 since the return of the season with several teasers and individual bets paying off (thanks, West Virginia, for the trouncing of Maryland last night!).

Here are The Man's picks for this weekend:

Boise State's quick work of Oregon State on the Smurf Turf last week shows that the departure of Dan Hawkins won't slow down this high powered offense. What's even more surprising is that they're doing it on the ground, outrushing their first 2 opponents by 165 and 244 yards respectively. So how will they fare at D-IA Wyoming? After beating up on Utah State and a one point loss at Virginia you might think the Cowboys are for real. The line has moved from Wyoming +8.5 down to +7. However, both of their games have come against barely competitive D-I schools -- and by competitive I mean against D-II schools. Give me the high flying Broncos (and a point) to get it down to BSU -6.

Michigan visit Notre Dame this week in what should be a great matchup. Georgia Tech took ND down to the wire in Week 1, which should've helped Lloyd Carr's new D coordinator Rod English come up with some pretty aggressive defense schemes. Look for a low scoring affair with Michigan's passing attack being the difference here. Remember, a strong arm and receiving corp trumps a bad ND secondary. The line opened at Michigan getting 7.5 and is down to +5.5. The Man's buying 2.5 points and taking Michigan +8.

The Temple Owls visit the Minnesota Golden Gophers in what will be a blow out. Temple was -296 in rushing yards against Louisville last week and was -145 through the air. The Gophers are coming off a big road loss to Cal, so look for a strong rebound game against a weak opponent. Minnesota (-41.5) will run past Temple, however The Man is buying 2 points to bring his magic number down to MINN -39.5.

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