Friday, February 24, 2006

The Man's Lock of the Night

The Man is back (again) with his NBA lock of the night. The New York Knicks are a disgrace of a team that just picked up Steve Francis from the Magic. No one knows what Isaiah is thinking with Marbury and Francis in the backcourt, but look for the Knicks to change their name to the New York Most Selfish Roster of All Times.

New Jersey, on the other hand, is on a roll, winning their last 3 games. This game opened at NJ -4.5 and is already up to -5.5. The Man is buying 2.5 points to bring it down to NJ - 3. Look for Vincanity to reign in the Garden tonight!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Theft

The Super Bowl is supposed to be the 2 best teams in the league, 11 on 11, gutting it out for the [arguably] greatest trophy in all of sports. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, the game wasn't 11 on 11... in fact, it was more like 12 on 11. Or 13, or 14, how however many bad officiating calls were made (and endorsed via instant replay) throughout the game.

From the phantom holding call that took Seattle out of a 1st and goal, to the weak push-off interference call on D. Jack, to the foot kicking the pylon doesn't count TD, the Seahawks got jobbed.

So the Man went 0-2 on his Superbowl picks. The Man accepts this but under protest. Had the phantom push off, didn't kick the pylon TD and phantom holding calls not happened, Seattle would have had at LEAST 17 points, which would have put them in the lead at 27-21, thereby beating the over and covering the spread.

They say the best way to forget about pain is to keep on keepin' on. The Man will get over this with some NBA & NCAA picks this week, stay tuned.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Man's Pick

Super Sunday, a day where all Men will stuff themselves with cheese puffs, drink until they puke, watch the year's best TV commercials, gamble amongst friends, and, oh yeah -- there's that game.

The Man is going to keep this short and sweet - Pittsburgh is giving 4 points to a Seattle team that can score and has been on an incredible run - 9 up and 1 down in their last 10. And if you've watched Pittsburgh, aka Blitzburgh, their only weakness is against the pass -- which Seattle can do. QB Matt Hasselbeck threw for over 3800 yards this year AND had the league's rushing leader in Shaun Alexander. So even if the score gets out of hand, Seattle has the offense to come back via their air attack.

Pittsburgh, on the other hand, has the advantage of this being as close to a home game as you can get. By the looks of it, the stands at Ford Field will be covered in black and yellow this week. Side note -- The Man doesn't get the "Terrible Towel". It's a towel, and unless it's been the back seat of your car for awhile or under the toilet, it's probably not all that terrible. But The Man digresses...

The Man likes Seattle to stay in this game, so he's buying 3 points to give them a full touchdown. The over for this game is at 47. Looking at the last few Superbowls, the over should be a lock. But because the Man doesn't like to go out into the snow without his hat on, he's buying a few points to bring it down to 44.

Let's recap - Seattle stays in the game with their offense (+7) and expect the game to be over 44 points.

The Man will be back with NCAA and NBA picks this week!