Friday, September 15, 2006

The Man's NFL Picks

Two games that are sure to hit this weekend are the Eagles at -3 and the Cowboys at -6.5 Why? The Man explains.

The Eagles signing of Dante Stallworth was huge. Look for McNabb to burn the G-Men's secondary deep with the combination of Stallworth and Westbrook - The Man like's that guy's chances in the flat against smaller DBs. Philly looks like a team that has it all together, however expect Eli to keep it close - until he throws a big turnover. Buy a point to bring it to Eagles -2.

Clinton Portis is out for the 'Skins. Parcells lost twice to Washington last year. Washington's Brunell looks like garbage. Sure, Drew Bledsoe did too, but at least he has a home game and Julius Jones powering the ball out of the backfield. Game over. Lay the 6.5 points, with all of the Skinds offensive woes and grinding Dallas O, the Skins defense will be on the field too long to keep it close. This could get ugly.

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