Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Man is glad Summer is officially over

With nighttime temperatures dropping into the low 50s, The Man is marking the end of Summer tonight with his last Oberon from the fridge. Sure, it was nice to sit in an air conditioned house for three months, occassionally stepping out to get a farmer's tan while cutting the grass and barbequeing, but in The Man's opinion it's about time Summer is over. Here are The Man's Top 3 reasons he's glad to see Fall ushered in. Why only 3? Because The Man is lazy! Besides -- I just gave you 4 winning picks this weekend, damnit!!

3. The Man likes his seasons the way he likes his dinner plate to look -- full of yellow, orange and brown. Notice -- NO GREEN.

2. No more sweating while walking from the car to the liquor store. Sure, it's only 15 feet, but 95 degree and humid sucks even if you have to travel an inch.

1. Football season is upon us! Time for The Man to crush all those who oppose him in his Fantasy League (where The Man's team is currently 3-0) and watch football on the tube non-stop... Thursday night games, Friday night games, Saturday, Sunday (all day), Monday... a gluttony of pigskin action = The Man's in heaven.

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