Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Man wants a rematch

As you know, The Man is a connoisseur of football. Today's OSU / Michigan game was epic, however The Man wants to see a rematch. People are arguing that Ohio State wouldn't turn over the ball three times again if they played. But Michigan also would prepare for a 5-wide set. The passing of Bo Schembechler was at the very least another distraction. Plus the road team only lost by 3 points in a very hostile environment.

The Man wants to see a rematch on a neutral field for that exact reason - the field. OSU's field was a joke, and for a supposed top program it seemed very amateurish to re-sod less than a month before the biggest game with your biggest rival. It's a pathetic of a tactic as the bus search that happened in Columbus last time these foes met.

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