Saturday, November 25, 2006

Detroiters are fed up with their Leos

The Man witnessed what appears to be the final straw for most Detroit Lions fans on Thanksgiving - their former QB, Joey Harrington, returning to town under ex-MSU coach Nick Saban and torching them for 3 TDs on their home turf.

Now it goes without saying that the Lions are terrible. In fact, this marks Matt Millen's 70th loss in 5 seasons as the GM of the Lions. Last year's Millen Man March and national calls to "Fire Millen" apparently didn't have the Ford family's attention, as he was rewarded with a 5 year contract extension this past off season.

It's the incompetency of the Lions ownership and management that has The Man fed up as well. They had two of the best scouting and front office talents in the NFL pre-Millen in Ron Hughes and Kevin Colbert (no relation to Stephen), who've since moved onto help the Steelers win a Superbowl.

Prior to the Millen era the Fords were content with having no-name coaches, none of which ever went on to coach in any capacity in the NFL post-Lions.

So why does The Man feel as though this is the end for Lions fans?

Check out the message boards. Former Detroiters are coming back to their local papers and complaining:

it appears that the ford's run both of their companies with something in common: they only care about the money they make and they don't care about the sh--ty quality of the product they produce. until the stupid fans who keep going to the games stop going this will not change.

Beware, Fords -- The city and state are shrinking in population. It's only a matter of time before the die-hards get tired of your act and lose interest.

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