Monday, January 08, 2007

The Man is calling for a playoff

Tonight's BCS Championship game is a joke - as of this writing, the Gators are up 34-14 and the Buckeyes look like a team that's working it's way through end of Summer two-a-days, not an undefeated team.

Whose shoulders does this fall on? The Man is pointing his middle finger at Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney. His comments when asked about a playoff being in the best interest of college football at large?

He readily admits a playoff could be good for Division I-A football at large but quickly adds, "I don't work for college football at large."

Shut up, dick. Your teams got utterly DESTROYED in the Rose and National Title games. They've sat too long and will lose recruits as a result of these games. That hurts the quality of play in the Big Ten and their long term reputation to be selected to play in major bowls by the press and coaches. Like it or not, you DO work for college football at large.

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