Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tiki runs wild, and oh yeah - the NFC North is shit

The 2006 Fantasy Football season has been a strange one, with LT being shut out during most leagues' championship games and now this - after a season full of controversy, a retirement announcement, being yanked at the goal line for Ron Dayne Mo Williams Jerome Bettis Brandon Jacobs and a ton of yards with no TDs to show for it, Tiki Barber went off yesterday racking up 234 yards and 3 TDs against the Redskins, [most likely] catapulting the G-Men into the playoffs. And of course The Man had him on the bench.

After checking out the playoff scenario, the NFC East will boast three teams in the post season while the NFC North will have just one - Da Bears. Granted, Da Bears are the top seed, but how pathetic is it that the lowly Packers, who are in a rebuilding decade year, are a strength of schedule tie-breaker away from making the playoffs? Talk about a weak division.

Who does The Man like in the NFL playoffs? Barring any injuries today, The Man likes the Saints to emerge from the NFC and the Chargers in the AFC. It wouldn't surprise The Man to see the Ravens make some noise as well (solid D + ball control + mistake free offense = victories).

Sorry, Bears, but The Man saw Grossman sink to a new low with his single digit QB rating a few weeks ago -- and that kind of inconsistency in the playoffs will kill you.

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