Friday, June 02, 2006

A Night of Disappointment

After watching the Pistons shoot a pathetic 33% tonight (and not cover), I flipped over to NBC's Last Comic Standing and saw the selection process that was really disappointing, especially in Chicago. They had 3 "passes" to move onto the next round, and long time comic Larry Reeb didn't make the cut.

Larry is a funny guy. The Man remembers as The Kid catching Rodney Dangerfield's HBO specials that featured talents like Sam Kinison, Tim Allen and Roseanne Barr. One comic lost in that shuffle was Larry Reeb. His standup was hilarious, and it wasn't just the immature 13 year old in The Man thinking it.

The Man caught a re-run of the 1980's Rodney special on HBO and saw Larry's act again; it was hilarious. He used to end his jokes with his signature "Tip from your Uncle Lar". Here's a gem:

"My wife asked me to do the laundry. You guys ever hear of this? Me neither. So I took her favorite wool sweater, popped it in on 'hot'. By the time it came out it looked like a ski mask. But at least I don't have to do the laundry anymore. Tip from your Uncle Lar."

He had a great bit, and given that every other comic that was featured on Rodney's special was given a primetime show in the 90's I figured Larry was writing, producing, or something behind the scenes. Nope. Larry's still a struggling comic, trying to catch his big break.

Needless to say The Man was shocked when he saw he was a contestant on the Chicago portion of the show. Larry Reeb, whose last name is Beer backwards (genius), was dismissed after telling a great joke:

"You know alcohol is taxed heavily, and those tax dollars go to support schools. So don't look at it like you're an alcoholic... you're an education supporter!"

The crowd laughed. The Man laughed. And then the Chicago vote was in... Larry didn't make it. Instead, a moron with jokes about being stoned as a kindergartener having trouble getting his snowsuit off and requesting a nap and a snack made it to the next round. The guy wasn't funny... but again, The Man is biased because of the Reeb history. At any rate, The Man is very disappointed tonight -- neither Larry Reeb nor the Pistons advance.

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