Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Man is sad tonight

No, not because the powerful Michigan defense knocked Penn State's top 2 QBs out of the game, thus preventing a 3-0 weekend, but because of the disgrace that was the Miami/Florida International football game tonight.

First of all, the 'Canes should have stomped the FIU team by 100 points - you recruit the state's top talent and should be able to trounce one of ESPN's Bottom 10 teams without playing your starters.

Second, the after point ruckus that ensued is a black eye on the Miami program. Larry Coker should be fired and the players that participated in the stomping, helmet-hitting and punching should be thrown off the team. There is a difference between a street fight for your life and a regulated, officiated football game. The Man is sad tonight because regardless of the background of anyone on the field the bottom line is that it is a GAME.

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