Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Man's back (again)

No, he wasn't in New Orleans or Texas, just a state of laziness. With football season starting, who can blame him??

Speaking of football, three quick observations:

1. Louisville and Michigan are overrated. Louisville didn't just lose, they got their asses handed to them by USF. And Michigan's losses against Notre Dame at home and Wisconsin on the road coupled with two wins against barely D-I Eastern Michigan and Northern Illinois = weak.

Look for an unprecendented third September loss at rival Michigan State this weekend (OK, technically it'll be October 1st but who's counting, MR CALENDAR...). And Louisville -- welcome to a better conference, you're not winning it.

2. After last weekend's Pittsburgh/New England game, the Pats are stil the Pats.

3. Since when have kickers been so important? Philly's David Akers and Detroit's Jason Hansen are injured and neither team has signed a backup. Don't get The Man wrong, they're both good kickers, but if your team has to go for it on the 35 every time you're doomed. And in the Lions case they're really doomed.

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Anonymous said...

Good to have The Man back!